The Jar is loose on my shisha

Replacing the rubber grommet is a short term fix, as it will happen again.

We normally wrap amalgamating tape but black insulation tape (electric tape) can be used when the jar becomes loose. Here is a quick how-to guide.

1. Remove the rubber grommet by hand if possible, by pulling down, you can use a screwdriver or a scraper but only from the top edge to wedge off the stem, be careful not to damage the grommet.

2. Wrap the insulation tape around the stem where the grommet sits,
wrap the insulation tape around four times (average) or more pending on how loose the jar is.
When wrapping insulation tape make sure the wraps are a little tight but not too stretched and you go over the same place to thicken the insulation tape.

3. Refit the grommet back and plug the stem back on your jar.
Make sure you leave a gap at the top of the grommet form the stem, just in case you need to remove the grommet again.

If the stem is to tight then you need to remove one wrap of the insulation tape.

If the stem is still loose then you need to add one or two more wraps of the insulation tape.

Jar tight test.
We test by holding the stem and shaking the Shisha to make sure the jar does move at all.
PLEASE NOTE you must make sure before shaking the Shisha there is something soft (like a pillow or the sofa) is below, we don't want you to smash the jar.

4. Once it's nice and tight push the grommet right up and your done.