Credit Check Info Request

If you are reading this article then its highly likely that your web order with us has been placed on hold whilst we perform an anti fraud check. For security reasons, we scrutinise each and every web order that is placed with us to ensure that you are the correct payment card holder and to protect ourselves from fraud.

We refer to this as a 'Credit Check Info Request' and will be indicated on your web order as the Status: 'Credit Check in Progress'.

When you provide us with your payment card billing details, we check this with your bank to validate the data and only are we satisfied with this we can release your web order.

Unfortunately, certain banks only authorise the payment on the card but do not send out relevant cardholder information for us to verify the customer details. As a result of this, we have to make a request to your bank to verify your details, a process that can take (depending on your card provider) between 20 minutes to 14 working days. Once your bank validates the details, we can process your order.

When this occurs, your order would be put in CREDIT CHECK and a request would be made for further information.

In order to speed up this process, we need to see proof that you are the original card holder so we request that you please provide us with the following details;

1) A photo or a scanned picture of the Credit/debit card used in this transaction (we recommend you blank out any sensitive data like account number and card number. i.e. 4929 XXXX XXXX 1234)

2) A photo or a scanned picture of the payment card statement, for the card used in this transaction (we recommend you blank out any sensitive data like account number, card number i.e. 4929 XXXX XXXX 1234), Please blank out or cover any transactions on your statement as this information is not required.

So that we are clear, as the owner of the payment card, only YOU will have access to this information. We will perform checks on the address and card number provided.

PLEASE NOTE: All information is for anti-fraud purposes ONLY and will not be used for anything else! As long as you protect your details as we have suggested, there is zero security risk.

Here is an example of what you should email to us:

We recognise that you may not be completely happy with this however for us as a business, it is imperative that we adhere to strict regulations as required by our merchant providers. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.